Rooftop - Balneario 3
Best rated lounge
The best music


The best kept secret

Situated on a location with a unique view is what makes her so special. Skylounge is nominated to be one of the best rooftop bars in the world. // how many people can say they have been partying on the nr 1 rooftop bar of Spain? // please reserve your table and prepare yourself for a legendary night


We work together with the best brands world wide, so we can service you the best cocktails, bottles service and daily fresh fruit. On top of that we provide you with a outstanding service of our beautiful staff.


On Skylounge everyone is a VIP with limited tables available every night you have to reserve fast. Come and expierence a VIP party on the best rooftop bar of Spain.


Dress to impress is the key to succes. We expect from all our guests, men and woman, that they are dressed at their best. We give you quality service and drinks on a unique location.

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What we can offer you


We offer exclusive partys, on a exlucive location with a exclusive view that will give you memories you will never forget.


Our event partner is Charlie Downsend events, they will host the best events world wide. This is a 100% score in bringing you the best there is to offer.


Besides our quality drinks, good service and amazing view, we offer you daily fresh fruit and the best sisha’s.